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The Ear and Eyes

The Ear and Eyes

The Ear

Dr. H.A Hamed says in his book “A Journey of Belief in the Human Body” that the ear starts developing at the beginning of the 3rd week and completes its function by the twentieth week. It has been recognized that the fetus responds when its mother’s abdomen is examined by ultra sound, to the extent that it appears as if it is dancing. It could also hear its mother’s voice and the sound produced by her intestines. Hence it is easy to identify deafness while the baby is still a fetus in its mother’s Womb.

It has been established that the fetus hears the outside noise, it gets used to it and lives its own life i.e. sleeps and wakes up in spite of the darkness that surrounds it, it is not a silent world after all!!

The Eyes:

Professor Keith L. Moore says in his book “The Developing Human” that the first evidence of the eyes development starts during stage 10 of development (about 22 days). “He goes on adding, that “The eyelids meet and adhere by about the tenth week and remain adherent until about the twenty – sixth week. He also says that

Infants do not see well for the first few weeks. They have a vacant stare, mainly because of incomplete development of the macula lutea and fovea centralis, the area of the retina responsible for visual activity. These structures are not completely developed unit about a month after birth.

We notice that the development of the eyes and ears start very early, Prof. K.L. Moore says, “The eyes and ears begin to develop during the fourth week”. But the sense of hearing functions much earlier than the sense of sight. Sheik Azzindani in “The Developing Human” says “After the 24th week, the fetus can hear sounds, and by the 28th week the retina becomes sensitive to light” This could be the reason why in most verses in the Holy Qur’an, we notice that the sense of hearing precedes the sense of sight, for example God says:

We created man of a sperm drop, a mingling, trying, him and we made him Hearing, seeing
(Qur’an 76:2)

It is he who produced for you hearing and eyes and hearts little thanks you show

(Qur’an 23:78)

And it is God who brought you forth knowing nothing form your mothers wombs and he appointed for you hearing, and sight, and hearts that haply so you will be thankful
(Qur’an 16: 78)

The hearing, the sight, the heart all of the those shall be questioned
(Qur’an 17:36)

What is really interesting and adds to the supremacy of the sense of hearing over all senses is what Dr. Shebrawy states in his lecture “Scientific Enlightments in some Qur’anic verses.” He says that the auditory evoked response is the more reliable test to prove that the person is really dead. That is to say the sense of hearing is the last sense to cease. We come to the conclusion that the sense of hearing is the first sense to function and the last to cease.

Prophet Mohammed endorses this scientific fact by saying:

“If a person is placed in his tomb, and his friends start to move away, he hears their footsteps”

That is why many Muslims stay after the burial for as long as they can beside his tomb, reciting some verses from the Holy Qur’an just to console him and strengthen his faith.

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