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The end of the universe

The end of the universe

As we have seen , the universe is expanding due to its evolution from a big-bang billions of years ago: yet, eventually after this stage of expansion " the entire universe will collapse and shrink by gravity into limited space as it happened to be at the beginning of creation.'

On the day when We shall roll up heaven as a scroll is rolled for the writings; as We originated the first creation, so We shall bring it back again - a promise binding on Us

so We shall do.
(Qur’an 21:104)

Scientists have deduced a logical and scientific conclusion as to when the Doomsday could be. But when exactly could it happen belongs only to God’s knowledge.

To God belongs the unseen in the heavens and in the earth. And the matter of the Hour is as a twinkling of the eye, or nearer. Surely God is powerful over everything.

(Qur’an 16:77)


Glory be to Him , to whom belongs theKingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that between them is; with Him is the Knowledge of the Hour, and to Him you shall be returned.
(Qur’an 43:85)


They will question thee concerning the Hour, when it shall berth. What art thou about, to mention it? Unto thy Lord is the final end of it. Thou art only the warner of him who fears it. It shall be as if, on the day they see it, they have but tarried for an evening, or its forenoon.
(Qur’an 79:42-46)

Scientists have given us an image of how the universe will come to an end. They say, as I have mentioned before, that the velocity of all galaxies will be reduced and eventually they will shrink into a limited space, instead of the infinite space in which they swim now with extreme velocity, which enables them to move away from each other with great speed. This shrinking of galaxies into a very limited space would give us an insight as to how scary and awe inspiring the image could be. This terrifying image is stated in The Holy Qur’an in various verses to frighten man that he might come to his senses and worship God as properly as He should be worshiped i.e. with love, fear and hope of everlasting salvation.

Some people would ask when the Hour would come? I tell them it is very soon; at least the hour of each one of us would be at his death, which we can never tell (when it could be).

And the unbelievers will not cease to be in doubt of it, until the Hour comes on them suddenly, or there shall come upon them the chastisement of a barren day

(Qur’an 22:55)


asking "when shall be the Day of Resurrection?" But when the sight is dazed and the moon is eclipsed, and the sun and the moon are brought together, upon that day man shall say, " Whither to flee?" No indeed; not a refuge!
(Qur’an 75:6-12)

Scientists say that when the sun expands and its extreme heat catches the moon, the earth's temperature will exceed 100 oC, hence it will not be available for any kind of life to prevail. What is really amazing is:

The Hour has drawn nigh: the moon is split. Yet if they see a sign they turn away, and they say "A continuous sorcery!"
(Qur’an 54:1-2)


They also say; "when shall this promise come to pass, if you speak truly?" They are waiting only for one cry to seize them while they are yet disputing, then they will not be able to make any testament nor will they return to their people-And the Trumpet shall be blown, then behold, they are sliding down from their tombs unto their Lord They say, "Alas for us! Who roused us out of our sleeping place? This is what the All-merciful promised and the Envoys spoke truly” It was only one Cry, then behold, they are all arraigned before us
(Qur’an 36:48-53)

We stand in awe as to how the Holy Qur’an, 1400 years ago confirms the modern scientific idea that the whole universe will shrink into a limited space.

They measure not God with :His true measure, The earth shall be His handful on the day of Resurrection, and the heavens shall be rolled up in his right hand, Glory be to Him! High be He exalted above that they associate! For the trumpet shall be blown, and whosoever is in heavens and whosoever is in the earth shall swoon ,save whom God wills. Then it shall be blown again, and lo they stand beholding
(Qur’an 39:67-68)

On Doomsday the picture will be terrifying and awe inspiring.

Upon the day when heaven spins dizzily and mountains are in motion, woe that day unto those that cries lies
(Qur’an 52:9-11)

To what extent the terror will be at Doomsday is referred to in:

When the Terror descends (and none denies its descending) abasing, exalting , when the earth shall be rocked and the mountains crumbled and become a dust scattered

(Qur’an 56:1-6)


So when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast and the earth and the mountains are lifted up crushed with a single blow, then, on that day , the Terror shall come to pass,

and heaven shall be split, for upon that day it shall be very frail, and the angels shall stand upon its borders, and upon that day eight shall carry above them the Throne of thy Lord.
(Qur’an 69:13-17)

To what extent people will be scared and frightened, God describes their state of terror in:

Upon the day when heaven shall be as molten copper, and the mountains shall be as plucked wool-tufts, no loyal friend shall question loyal friend, as they are given sight of them. The sinner will wish that he might ransom himself from the chastisement of that day even by his sons, his companion wife, his brother, his kin/ who sheltered him, and whomsoever is in the earth, all together so that then it might deliver him.

(Qur’an 70:8-14)


And when the Blast shall sound upon the day when a man shall flee from his brother,

his mother, his father, his consort, his sons every man that day shall have business to suffice him.
(Qur’an 80:33-37)

God makes it very clear that Doomsday or the Hour happens only at His will.

When the earth is shaken with a mighty shaking and earth brings forth her burdens, and man says, "what ails her?" Upon that day she shall tell her tidings for that her Lord has inspired her. Upon that day men shall issue in scatterings to see their works, and whoso has done an atom's weight of good shall see it and whoso has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it.
(Qur’an 99:1-8)

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